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"Dr. Rogers provided me with care while I suffered from chronic lower back pain. He helped me identify the source of my issues (long commutes and long hours at a desk) and find ways to reduce the strain of the drives/work schedule that I couldn’t avoid. He also listened to my different pains and issues and helped treat them through his hands-on healing. I feel like my whole body is able to move easier and the dull back pain isn’t there anymore! Dr. Rogers also helped my allergies by consulting with me on my diet, and now I don’t have allergy medication anymore. For full body care for all your aches and pains there is no one I would rather go to. Thank you Dr. Rogers!"



Professional Rock Climber

"As a professional rock climber, I get myself into all sorts of uncomfortable positions that put strain on my muscles and joints. I was starting to get low back and neck pain on a daily basis, and was referred to Dr. Rogers by another rock climber who had successfully been treated for a disc problem in his low back.

Within two weeks of treatment I felt a huge difference including feeling more flexible and strong while climbing. After a month doing the prescribed exercises and not missing an appointment, my low back and neck pain disappeared and I ended up winning my next speed climbing competition!"


"Dr. Jason Rogers offers so much more than just adjustments. He took the time to help me see and correct my daily habits that were perpetuating my neck pain. My neck pain is completely gone and I can now walk without lower back pain. Which is a miracle because he helped me correct decades old snowboarding injuries.


He is highly skilled in physical therapy and his knowledge as a yogi along with his nutritional advice have helped me reduce inflammation, greatly increase my flexibility and build muscle strength to keep me aligned. He is a master and has had a tremendous impact on my health."



"Before starting his practice in Austin, Dr. Rogers took on the task of preparing me to join the ranks of professional tennis by being my chiropractor, nutritionist, physical therapist, personal trainer, tennis coach and hitting partner. Dr. Rogers’ expertise far exceeds other healthcare specialists because he is truly a Jack of all Trades. Because he is a competitive athlete, he understands the strains put on the body and how to handle injuries properly with different techniques.

Dr. Rogers has helped me through tennis elbow, shoulder and ankle injuries, as well as totally reshape my diet and the way I worked out. Dr. Rogers created personalized exercises helped me avoid the back and neck pain that often accompanies muscular imbalances from playing one-sided sports (tennis, golf, racquetball). Getting adjusted regularly and taking Dr. Rogers exercise and nutritional advice has catapulted me into the pro ranks far faster than I had ever hoped.


Thank you!"

Pilates Instructor

"I can't believe how much better I always feel after getting an adjustment. Thank you, Dr. Rogers for always getting me out of pain! I am a dental hygienist and was used to just "living" with chronic pain. Now that I have experienced what it is to be pain free, I have a new lease on life."

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