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As an exercise and movement specialist certified in physiotherapy, Dr. Jason Rogers is passionate about helping his patients create optimal health combining yoga with chiropractic care as a lifestyle and long term health practice. He is also a 200 RYT yoga teacher, certified professional tennis instructor, and personal trainer certified by ONNIT Academy (in Foundations, Durability, Steel Mace, Kettlebell, and Steel Clubs). 

Dr. Jason also specializes in fully healing injuries and chronic pain. His passion for nutrition, chiropractic care, and yoga were born out of his personal journey. He suffered eight years of sports injuries, chronic pain, surgery, and the mental, physical, and emotional trauma associated. With his history, he can identify with what his patients are experiencing (which greatly increases the effectiveness of his care).


Dr. Jason takes the time with each patient to get to the core of the issues and to identify and correct daily habits that are limiting alignment with optimal health. 

He uses many different techniques including:

  • ART

  • Activator

  • Grastin

  • Modified Diversitied

  • Full spine

  -Soft tissue work

  -Physical therapy

  -Stretching and taping

  -Exercise training

  -Posture/workplace/couch/car/sleeping ergonomics advice



In addition to chiropractic care, he offers private yoga sessions, nutrition consultations, workplace ergonomic consultations, personal training, and private tennis lessons.

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