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What makes Dr. Rogers different?

"I have a personal training certification attained through ONNIT Academy in Durability, Foundation, Steel Mace, Kettlebell. I am a USPTA-certified professional tennis instructor, and I have a 200-hour yoga certification."

  • How do yoga and chiropractic complement each other?
    The body heals through movement.
  • What is the difference between having no pain and being healthy?
    Thinking the absence of pain means the absence of a problem is how people get in here mainly in the first place. Pain is a symptom, the problem is what’s causing the pain. Taking a pill to turn off the pain is like taking your car to a mechanic for a real problem and he just turns the warning light off and says it’s fixed… is it?
  • Do chiropractic doctors get the same amount of education as medical practitioners?
    Yes. Doctors of Chiropractic receive about the same number of accredited classroom hours as medical doctors (about 4,500 hours). Since most Doctors of Chiropractic do not prescribe drugs, instead of taking pharmacology and surgery courses, they receive more in-depth training in anatomy, physiology, neurology, and x-ray than their medical counterparts.
  • What is an adjustment?
    An adjustment is a specific chiropractic procedure using carefully directed and controlled pressure to restore spinal bones to a more normal position and motion. Normalizing the position and motion of spinal bones allows the body to begin the healing process.
  • Why do I need to keep going back?
    Many everyday activities can cause bones of your spine to lose their normal position and motion. Besides the obvious trauma to the spine from automobile accidents, improper lifting, and work related injuries, there’s more. Long periods of sitting, emotional stress, alcohol, over-exertion and even the birth process can be culprits too. For most people, daily lifestyles with technology and driving is enough to force us to into poor postural patterns. The body starts to form certain patterns of movement, and over years and thousands of hours those patterns lead to pain. It’s these patterns we need to assess and reverse. Since most of these patterns have been going on for a minimum of several years, it takes several adjustments and improving/changing posture to produce the best results.
  • Can chiropractic care prevent surgery?
    Having had multiple surgeries, my goal is to make sure we get your body in a place where, if possible, natural healing can occur. By balancing our your brain, body, and gut, we provide a stable enviornment for healing.
  • What is the popping sound?
    It is the sound of fluid and gas moving in the spinal joint as it returns to its normal position. It often sounds much louder to you because sound travels so easily up the spinal column to your ears. Not all adjustments create this sound, so the effectiveness of an adjustment should not be judged by the presence or loudness of the sound.
  • Why do we take X-rays?
    X-rays are a great way to have an objective view of the entire problem. X-rays are used to show the structure of the spine, reveal fractures, bone diseases, and confirm the findings of other examinations. The chiropractic profession has been instrumental in reducing patient exposure to X-rays by using high speed films, magnification screens, wedges, shields, and other technologies.
  • Do you teach private yoga instruction?
    Yes! Shoot me an email in the contact box at the bottom of the website to ask me about my classes and availability.
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