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Movement is life.


Movement of the joints creates synovial fluid that prevents and protects the joint from arthritis.


Movement of the muscles stimulates the nervous system and is responsible for proper chemical and hormonal balance in the brain and body.


What keeps you healthy is movement.

If you can’t move, you can’t heal.



It's a simple concept...

Our spinal discs (the cushions between our vertebrae in our spinal column that keep our nerves from being pinched or damaged) only receive nutrients to maintain their proper size through movement. No wonder your low back and neck hurt after a day of sitting and or standing still.

An aligned spine is how your body accesses its natural healing power to age fully functional and pain free.


Yoga is regularly moving your spine and chiropractic is making sure that when the spine moves, it is in place and it’s moving correctly. This also decrease stress to the nervous system, which promotes quicker healing.


The entire spinal column houses the nervous system, and yoga moves the whole spine amazingly well when done mindfully. This means you have less inflammation in your body, your organs and muscles function better. So that you are a pain free healthier person in a place to make better choices with your health.


Combining chiropractic with yoga, puts the spine in alignment so that the brain and the body can communicate easier, because everything you do is integrated through the spine.


Benefits of Yoga + Chiropractic

  • Proper alignment in poses

  • More balance and less prone to injury

  • Builds strength

  • Increases organ function

  • Decrease stress

  • Decreases pain

  • Long term movement longevity

  • Injury prevention

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